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JUNE 2019 · Opened Seoul purchasing office
MAY 2019

· Certified HACCP

MAY 2019 · Signed an exclusive contract and delivery with international supplier, Singapore, UAE, German, Netherlands
January 2019

· Phil.K.B : Achieve annual sales 2018 to a million dollars

July 2018 · completed the plan for a new and bigger bonded warehouse with a size of about 2,000 sqm located behind Busan New Port
March 2018

· signed an exclusive contract with one of the established biscuit company in the Philippines

January 2018 · signed an exclusive contract and delivery with S. Company
September 2017

· signed a contract to supply industrial products in PT Company

April 2017 · signed an exlusive contract and delivery with S Company
Feb 2016

· Bukang Provision Co. Ltd, established a branch in Philippines under the name of “Phil Korea Bukang Co. Inc”

September 2015 · started supplying maritime police, also had a various contract with 3 different companies
March 2015

· had an exclusive contract to one of the frozen meat supplier under H Company

2014 · Signed a contract to one of the established drinking water company
August 2013

· Obtained BS EN ISO 9001 Certification

December 2011 · Established 50 domestic shipping agencies to supply goods
June 2011

· started to establish Bukang distribution and moved to the new building relocation

March 2011 · Got a supply contract with T.I Company Co.

· Signed contract with Philip Morris for tabacco products

2010 · Signed contract to be an agent of C company

· Became a exclusive distributor of LH Company


· Signed a new contract with B Dairy Company

2008 · Registered as a bonded warehouse as well a Marine Logistic Supplier

· Became a registered supplier of Marine Products

2006 · Signed a contract with B Meat Company

· Started to become a supplier of Naval Operations

1991 ·Also started to be a registered supplier of Hyundai Dept store

· Became a registered supplier of Daewoo Shipbuilding

1985 ·Became a registered supplier of vegetables and fruits of 13 different supermarkets

· Became a registered supplier of 7th Fleet Corrosion Navy

1971 ·Started to became a fruits and vegetables dealer in Um-Gung dong market, Busan